Section 2: Wandering, Pondering Wonderings

"Inspiration's Contributions"


To channel inspiration

to its natural conclusion

is the talent which I need

to cope with life,

to move ahead, and

to contribute to the

saving and enrichment of

this world, my home,

in some significant way -

to find my place as

I act out my goals of

care and candor -

what I do

to give and bless

as I am able,

as conditioned

by the many

lessons learned along

the richly deep, if

trauma-tragic way.

Is it not worth all

prices paid, to build a

better heart and mind,

foundation of salvation-

culture's wiser inner world?



"One Heart"


You've got one heart to give,

and we've got one shot to wake the living.

This world's going to find out in time -

you can't deny it if your heart ain't frozen,

trapped by what it "knows",

and you're ready to heal divides,

willing to search your heart and soul

for the love I now define:

I respect your soul.

I've got one goal:

My only wish is to dissolve those demons

eating you and screamin'

to protect your heart and mind.

If you are Love then you are fine...


"Is Caring To Relate With Pain?"


Paths of conscience,

caring just for self

or socially matured by

every growing care

emerging from the

suffering which our

souls deeply know,

these paths thus growing

to relate with grief

which others show,

and so we

see the tragedy:

good souls are

born of pain,

socially wise and

healthy, for they've

been through hell

and lived to

tell the tale,

relating well, in

time, with all

who bear their

kindred horror tales.



"Connections Vital"


Immersed within this sea of stories,

just a part of time's eternal

tapestry of cultural exchange,

I let my thread reveal its

mark upon the infinite I change

by simply searching for the truth

in all of its proof of existence.

In curing self through understanding

and integrity of conscience,

I may co-create a legacy

for the betterment of all

who seek enlightened shift

of growing heart and mind.




"Defining Love"


I used to think that love was when

you just can't do without.

Then one down day it struck me,

what true love is all about.

The more I grasp and cling

to what I think I want, the less I see

that we don't need nothing at all

for this moment to be complete.

That's why I'm giving up the

heartsick crush of petulant desire,

so I can give of a love that's real,

from a heart that starts to feel just fine.





The power of positivity and peace

enables empathy in earnest

to translate the times through any troubles,

bringing back the best of

real relationships, redeemed and realized

in harmony and happiness, heaven's humors

all attainable for the affectionate and

world-warmingly wise, who work to

create conditions in consonance with

cares, concerns and conscience,

learning living lessons long

into lastingly loving lives.





We who work for a world worth waking up to, Give -

We give of our given time, Warmly,

Honorably, humbly, healing, for Harmony,

Hurts of esteem in the hope of subliming in Grace,

What was folly and fully maligned Mutually.

It's a test - coexistence, a choice, from mere Tolerance,

Growing toward empathy's Truth,

As we learn to relate and grow past petty Hatreds,

Becoming of greater community's virtuous Unity,

Goodness-aligned and with open-minded Potential,

Creating and making life what we want it to Be -

Where vision may take us, awakened, Enlightened,

Growing now ever toward Free...



"A Dual-Natured Soul"


A caring and a carefree nature

coexist in this old soul of

love for all who suffer in this

life of pain subliming slowly,

as I rediscover who I've been -

maturing basic drives

my maker'd forged in me

to build the goals of life upon

and thus grow up to

wise and ethical fulfillment -

purpose for a social creature

such as me and kindred

souls of such a range of

life experience and personality.

How we are warm in conscience,

hot when cold is seen as mean,

and such is just the way

a hero shines to meet the scenes

which truly matter in The All

and so to me.



"On Altruism"


It's a dangerous world for heroes;

yet, with heroes, it's a less dangerous world...


Who among us lives with altruistic aims,

with goals of greater good above all else?

Who among us is mature enough to glimpse God's knowledge

of what's right and wrong, beyond concerns for self?

Who among us sleeps well after any

day devoid of ethically effective life success?

Who among us cares so much that true cessation-death

does not discourage doing what seems surely to be for the best?


Heroes, holding heaven's hearts,

forever are we ignorant of being in your debt...



"Moral Clarity"


An altruist, truly high in honor's

self-sacrifices, done in love,

I see the beauty of

your virtuous intent,

giving, a grove, in metaphor,

of ultimate benevolence

when fate's fruition becomes manifest,

and great heart takes the body and mind.



"Of Unknown Futures"


What brand of hero am I,

I ponder dimly, unsure of the course

in which my heart may grow,

in which my life may go,

and which my god may show to me as

all the years pass by in such suffering -

what seems so inescapable, but for

the hope of grown experience,

turning into wisdom on just how for us

to feel more pleasure and less pain,

given the same life circumstance.

Will I only ever grow to know, though,

what my god compels within my soul?

May it be higher-minded joy.

If not, I'll cope the best that I am able,

all determined inescapably.

I notice each cause-and-effect,

when I am mindfully observing

self, fate-bound, I see, and yet,

of will, obviously, seemingly free, the

impact which I make,

expressing deeds, the seeds

of divinely decreed life destiny?



"The Cycle of Consciousness"


Focus fosters every thought,

through mood's affecting charge of spirit.

What you think of others' natures -

expectation, good or bad -

beguiles belief in theory-empathy,

which guides your social soul,

through the confusions of this life,

to understandings, wrong or right,

which make emotions of your cares,

compelling you with action-energies,

fixating into moods, if unresolved,

and thus our souls, they cycle on...



"Wisdom Is Hope"


We learn from the past, to build for the future,

and both in the-moment-that's-all-that-we've-got -

lessons of wisdom for lessening trauma

and boosting our happiness are what we're taught

in this way of essential outlook maturation,

a shift in perspective through ages of thought,

and through every life-stage of confusion resolving,

we're slowly discovering life's divine plot,

of souls which must overcome decades of trauma

to find understanding - all that which is sought,

so that they may teach students, life's living essentials

in the time that they're given, with only one shot

at successful salvation of tribes and of nations,

not handed to them and to us, but hard-fought,

all the way, until dignity, grace, honor, courage,

and warmth-toward-all-in-our-world has caught on..

Can it happen? Some say... May their faith

and experience guide those who've bought into

only the truest enlightenments known to our day,

to our tragically limited lot, of so many with so much to say,

caught hot by their thoughts which burn bright in the brain;

will they save us by finding a better, sustainable way,

or are we locked in mortally, destined to blot out the sun

and make human life untenable to sustain?

How I hope it will not end in just such a way...

What more is there which I ought to say?

How I wish that these words would not rot

in your memory's total and mortal decay,

but be catalysts for sorely needed world change,

of our hearts and our minds and the culture in play...






At what price is progress paid?

The fuel of possibility,

the work and thought of many lives...

The outcome may be life ascended,

death for some, or death for all,

which may well come as no surprise,

to those of us who've dropped the ball.

Can I be a unifying force

to find the cures and forge consensus

where there's such disparity?

Not before you're ready,

my creator might well say, and I agree -

the public sphere? Perhaps a ghostwriter I'll be.

My pleasure's not in fame,

but in what good my soul may free,

to heal our sick society,

of the hubris of authority

and the illness of aggressive apathy.

Oh, time will tell,

but I trust God's in charge,

so, que serà serà, and se la vì -

let's place our faith in our Creator

and ourselves - Humanity,

to set things right, in all sustainability.



"The Purpose of My Pain"


Designer of my life,

you let me go on, on my own,

and grant me nothing but the faith

and perseverance, to earn insight naturally.

Yet where's my self-esteem? I'm cowed in shame

and passively depressed, taking in the error of blame

that others vent at me, though I defend so earnestly.

May I replace this focus with a friendly mood,

so that I'll find some hope-fulfilling happiness,

built upon foundations of social skill success,

that's leading to a more intimate rapport.

What else may one good soul pine for?

Take stock in that which matters -

care and wisdom, grown mature.



"God's Toughest Lesson"


A life without challenges

seems hardly worth living,

so vacant the chapters

of such a soul's years.

I see: somehow hope, it

seems worth all the struggles,

and faint futures' happiness,

worth all the tears.

The deeper and wiser I get,

the more ready I am

to face life on

whatever God's terms.

So long as I'm learning

and building new insight

from passing existence,

forget my concerns -

it sublimes.



"The Good In Any Evil"


I no longer wish to retract my regrets;

rather, I can see that I am blest by

my experience, painful mistakes

without which I would not know

how to heal the haunt, but rather,

I would simply turn away and

run 'til spent. What is it to digest

The Myriad of Suffering?

Is it to have Myriad Empathy,

vital foundation of relation,

that which any social creature needs,

a prepping for a life after this life?

I trust that this is just Phase 1.

So what would be Phase 3?

Omniscience seems to be

the destination of Phase 2.

Have I been there once, inside

the fugue of an N.D.E.

(Near-Death Experience)?

I was Awake -

how clearly did I see,

so unattached...






Motion ever true in perfect time

is only what we have.

What can I say that will bear true?

Alone/Together now we

start to understand each other;

only go with it if it's you.


Unchain your spirit.

Uncouth your mind.

Unleash your heart,

and you may grow to find

that there are so many ways to be,

so many things to see,

so many hearts to know.



"Empathy from Insight"


I learn, through introspection,

of the process of my soul,

and this informs my

best-guessed empathies for

those whose minds convey

at least cohesive traits,

at most, insight-expression

and what more is there

for those of us who've risen

beyond vapid pointlessness,

to pleasures of intimacy?



"A Soul Past Its Censor"


Simple spirit, bright and warm,

of friendship's subtle give and take -

we rise abundant from its love;

in confidence, we're free to be

ourselves - to let our censors go,

in time, and realize our worldviews,

conscientious, yet misunderstood,

in time expressible and cured,

developed just to live life right,

for that is such a being's cares,

and that defines every soul,

the vast diversity of how we

live our many lives' unique

journeys here and there.





Such high hopes and pressure to succeed,

I'm barely able now to find my inner voice.

Yet, here it is, beneath my insecurity,

in every syllable of candid honesty,

in every thought I own, as an

expression of my understanding's cares,

or what one may call "ethic-wisdom,"

culmination of my years as who I am

and who I've been that's led me here,

through this evolving introspection,

to enlightened view, past my naiveté

from dogma's fantasy, to understandings

much more likely to be true, so goes

my reasoning's evolving point of view.



"The Breakers, The Broken & The Open"


This world is filled with dominant egos,

clad in the armor of their certainty,

and those whose vital spirits

are broken to self-doubt's humility.

Yet there are those whose open

hearts and minds of care and

search for truth are built upon

foundations of deep ethic and

a belief's need for proof.

These souls, in process of

progressing, gain the necessary

knowledge needed just to live

life right, honoring care and

with the wisdom to spread joy,

not suffering, righteous and

synergistically in harmony -

whose lives do not

shame our humanity,

but reflect a higher-minded

soul-potential which our hearts

may know in high esteem.





The Chosen are of conscience,

for The Chooser needs The Incorruptible

to bear the burden of true insight's giving power,

balanced in agnostic forge of honor and consideration,

openly empathic through experience and active listening.


Wisdom, from this, naturally flows.

Wellness is fostered by the wise.

Harmony, from mutual wellness, grows

with all the love that's in our eyes.



"God's Hoax"


Grounded and graceful, worldly and wise..

The heart of emotion is shown in our eyes...

The goals of relation and life-education,

foundations of conscientious socialization,

dictate how we grow in this life of such mystery,

built on such curious, dubious history.

Ever I edge to the cusp of the lie which is shown

as the vast and benevolent hoax God has grown

for our souls to grow up in and find wisdom through,

ever uncovering more truth; this is just what we do.





"Grasshopper," grasshopper, why not another name?

Morphemes connect to bequeath only logically,

that which we take for granted as we think and speak

only a sense of the word, the pre-conscious who dream...

Is there time in this life, for that which would be

tragic not to understand? I believe, yes, it's so, for

I've witnessed such miracles, with no other way to explain.

So there's purpose to every step forth, faith can know;

knowledge builds upon knowledge, and wiser we grow,

every mystery melting down past status quo,

as, emerging, we wake up to our only world,

how it is now, perfectly changing, just so...



"Life in Perspective"


Always moving forward, ever more mature..

Growing love and reason, letting conscience cure..

On a path to wisdom, happiness the lure..

Every lesson learned is a pain I must endure..


My god is conditioning me,

teaching me grace and empathy,

with the depth to conquer superficiality

and the pain to ponder pathos in profundity.


I'm growing up, upright, right now, learning to cope

and do my best to save, somehow, my only hope:

a better heart in a better world...



"A Better World"


In a higher, brighter mood,

I feel a faith in and forgiveness of

all consciousness ever existing in The All.

My stance toward evil:

simply act for greater good;

hatred is immature, but still -

let's take the bad guys out,

for the good of those

who'd bear their futures' brunt.

Others who do more harm than good

by bearing erroneous righteousness,

must learn to not jump to conclusions,

for potential victims' sakes.

It's simple, this distinction, this

attempt at should-prescription

for a better world.



"A Wish for Home"


To make this world a warmer home

for all of us to call our own,

my path is poetry and prose,

promoting peace with the unknown.

The stage is set for Harmony,

enjoined in purpose, far from free,

now gifted of a family

of intertwining Destiny.

A soul must grow find the light

and learn to simply listen right,

in softness, not a hard-core might,

to avoid life's misimpression-fights.

Communication skills are key

to building deep intimacy

or simply mutual levity,

to laugh away absurdities.

So, keeping on an even keel,

more in control of how you feel,

in grace, to reassess what's real,

emerging from all possibilities,

converging in new empathies,

a passive way to learn to see,

through to the hearts which

we must, in life, relate with,

for Happy Home...



"Past Lives"


Summoning to mind the homes I held

in heart as just where I belonged,

the home-ness lost to life's great

changes, warms me like a hearth,

these many cruel years later, in wistful

reconnection to the moment's meaning,

lost and found, seemingly where a part of me

belongs. These memories remind me who I was,

in times when I could find success, and a

unique soul claimed color from the gray.



"Conversations through the Veil"


I witnessed the divine

a thousand times

and never knew its nature -

such was not revealed,

that God's illusion might

reveal itself to me,

as if the order of my world

were one of any range of

changing possibilities, selected

to mature my spirit through -

the lights of wisdom, care,

and universal understanding

guiding my unique perspective

through all meanings' pleasure, pain,

and life discovery - the hearts of

purpose for the All, the reason

that the Cosmos matters,

ethically, mandating highest care,

and/or the highest pleasure

possible, whatever that entails

beyond happiness-theft in any form,

from direct, base enjoyment

of the knowledge of another's pain,

to simple apathy for the sufferings

which your life may enable in the world.

Better that the evils die

than trample on the good souls' lives,

and better that God's will for us,

to grow through all event,

be done as well.



"In the Context of Virtue"


I bow my head

to praise the heavens,

humble of the miracle

that there is anything at all.

My consciousness - just one of

an incomprehensibility of souls -

is mine alone, a lonely tragedy,

transcended in the rare intimacies

I've come to know as possible

throughout the years of many

friends - treasures of pleasure

and a measure of pain;

and what else really is there

for a deeply social soul?

Emotions in the context of

our virtue let us find our roles

in life, ascended from such

sentimental foundations,

to realize our lofty goals

of greater good in harmony.

I work, that this not die

with me, but live in us

for long enough to deem

existence, ethical success.



"Heaven's Birth"


I wish to live a story

which transcends its tragedies.

My only wish may only come to life

as I come to acceptance -

people are how people are,

so my test is to see so brightly:

all are lovable and wise

in ways I've never known before.

Success in this means stronger

and more intimate relationships,

fulfilling of our natural desires

for social bliss, through harmony.

Can any state of mind rise

higher than this loving triumph?

Read again, and let it sink

into your parched and fertile earth,

to foster fuller, freed fulfillment,

from the time of Heaven's birth,

'til all must end, for each of we

who learn to live in conscience first

and foremost, seeking simply

what is best for all, so much we care,

for so much unjust Hell have we

been through, we focus on the fair,

and build from there, what we

are seeking to reclaim - Utopia.



"Becoming a Person"


We rise from life's subordinations,

realizing our autonomies,

grasping at our potentials,

recognizing balanced self-esteems,

waking from all-compelling dreams

of fear of brash authorities,

who rule by arbitrary force

and their unnatural decrees,

stamping out possibilities

in disregard of worth and

disrespect for our humanities.

I am a caring, worthy soul.

Forgetting crimes of the aggressors -

their lives' tragedies, I'm free

to now discover destiny

determined not by just who rule,

but also simple, centered

all-of-you and me.



"The Unbroken Spirit"


I never learned to cow my only soul to harsh authority;

respect would be unfitting for the cruel, if one is good.

Yes, hard or soft, your heart displays your worth for every soul to see;

yet, billions in workplaces and in homes fall to this "should."

A lesson for authorities: all hearts have basic moral worth

and act as they have learned to meet their needs, mistake or no.

To punish only models cynical contempt as "go-to firsts"

for our impressionable minds, when all one needs to do is show

one why we care to do what's right - we're not alone in life,

and that's a beautiful fact which mandates - yes - a heart of Care.



"Conflict Resolution"


Reactive judgment

escalates the tension

felt on every side,

which pushes each

to speak and act

in fight-or-flight

discardings of what

relationship is possible

for any who are of

the ground of care.

Express your feelings,

not your judgments.

Learn to introspect

when you are hurt;

speak of that pain.



"From Anger to Faith"


People get miffed, fight tiffs, split rifts,

the hurt that we experience, a serious shift

in the direction of the negative, needin' a lift

to ground level, ready to view life as a gift again..

and every living soul, a swiftly likeable friend.

Good vibes are only what I am tryin' to send,

to find some harmony that's offering more sanity

than modern day society can comprehend,

divisive as it can be, teaching of mentalities

regarding all "enemies," rendered so prejudicially,

beguiling of certainty, fomenting further tragedy,

when all we have to do is see and care enough

to be the change we wish to find.





Shed the shell of your dysfunction.

Radiate, and be renewed.

Cast a spell to cure consumption.

Drink The Light and be consumed...


From the ground of centered spirit,

bear your soul for all to hear it.

Live your goal, and never fear it.

We are One...


May you find, in the moment, inner peace.

Unwind, and let your struggle cease.

How you pined in the past for the best of things.

Now you find at last what lets you sing.



"Positivity Is Key"


I carry with me, an irrepressible positivity,

not needing toughly balanced understandings

of deep, considered empathy to guide me true,

so indomitably forgiving and vested in loving faith

have I become, in this new mood of open vim.

On empathy, I say: How important it is that

I learn unconditional faith in every living soul,

for this may bring me to empathic truths

I'd otherwise be blind to seeing, so wrapped up

in lower mood's irritability and cynical regard.

As it makes sense that most or all are basically

good and worthy souls, my positivity is key.



"Kindred Souls"


Long is life, and joyful are

the times of intimate rapport

with those I find are capable

of such ascended love.


These are the times which so enrich

and make a lonely life worth living.

Social beings through and through, we

dream of what our hearts were made for:

interpersonal fulfillment of relating

with a kindred soul and feeling

less and less alone in that.



"No End?"


All of these realities,

existing all at once,

as we live, locked

within our own uniqueness,

Somethings all, whose destinies

are Nothingness as individual

soul-expressions of The All -

whose every life within

bears its own null eventuality.

I say, At least we had it once, and

Yes, At least it cannot ever end,

perhaps.. Thinking of this fosters

an acceptance of inevitable death,

which cannot end The Whole,

recycled into it again, again, again,

not ending, but incessantly alive,

to witness with some trillions' eyes,

the beauty and the horror which

is caught in every life.

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