Section 3: The Natural, The Human, The Divine, The Harmony

Part 1: The Natural


“Competition Earth”


The winter wind and summer sun

compete for heat control upon me.

Gusting gales drain of my energy,

as sunlight’s infrared is warming

all within its path – including me.

The Earth’s foundation forces

keep the rains forever on their way

to keep the life on land from mummifying dry,

and keeping us from feeling fortune’s famine.

Yet, so many do, in this unjust and struggling world.

…and where does all the food and crap end up?

A sewer or a landfill or the fattened frame of the American obese –

just 4.3% of the world, using 60% of its resources – what is that?

A thing which we fight for, obviously – greed battling conscience,

winning in most merely mortal minds,

except, perhaps, the voluntary minimalists

who turn to value virtue above all else –

true shining suns in autumn’s deepening chill.

Some consolation – though so many do not win the winter,

spring is surely on its way, for those who manage to endure...




A nature of nomadic roots,

at home in green ecology,

now trapped between these faux-stone walls,

in flux of artificial noise…

The cage can’t quell what lives on freshness –

all of my relaxing humors’ goodness

which I wish immersion in –

what feels like home so deeply

that when indoors, I feel cut off, in angst.

Inside these walls, the neutral, sterile air

may lend itself to escapism –

TV, movies, books, and sleep –

that which I’ve grown quite weary of,

for it is not a true social event mattering thusly,

shedding ripples like the wake we make in life.

Yet I’m enriched by any story’s meaning,

set to living out what I have witnessed

in suspended disbelief.


“Just Through The Door”


Away from the noise

of the televisions,

out here in the breeze

by the call of birds, under

the waving canopy’s shadow,

how my thoughts return to

the silence of my soul,

and I feel well,

now put at ease by

my intuitive accord with

the rhythms of life

in the garden surround.


“True Home”


My home is not what isolates me

from the weather’s Eden state,

but this great, minor heaven,

in which my soul may begin to bloom.

The freshness I inhale, consume,

raises my then-atrophying spirit

unlike any artificial, walled room,

in which a purgatory-life stagnates.

This heaven, ever rolling on,

to different shades and shapes

of beauty, shines divine reward upon

my soul’s attentive focus-energy.


“Rediscovering The Wild”


A shift in view refreshes mood’s perspective,

on life and the beauty and horror within –

apocalypse heaven that lives in its vim,

that’s revealed in gestalting convergences’

interpretational epiphanies, foundations of

animal mind, lived as one with the natural

world, in the grandest wild, which feels like a

home to me, where it seems that I belong,

where the order is random and beautiful,

ever in motion, a living beneficence here

for all life to behold, coexisting within,

inescapably unified to and thus ascended

through, to the heights of the heavens

where one learns of high harmony.


“Thoughts at the Edge of a Forest”


Great god Gaia’s garden, under the blue and white,

the heavens rolling on throughout all earthly time,

your leaves are shimmering, as branches wave in windy grace…

and birds, they dip and dive and chirp and rise,

alive before my ears and eyes…

The sky is bright, though some is shadowed mist of cloud,

that rains away our smiles in time,

but not this day, or in this rhyme…

The joys and pains of life arise, of course,

and we who glide or suffer through them

learn of our experience, of

insight’s evolution shaping intuition’s growth of

wisdom and maturity, our adaptation for life’s challenge.

Blessing is to learn to cure the curse

and find a caring joy to keep. Yet,

time keeps changing, though, as novelties of interest fade to

natural extinction, and the search begins anew

for passing joy – the way of things…

If we can learn what’s right and natural for us –

which I submit as peace and love, as harmony with all the world,

as full acceptance, brighter wisdom, lighter humor –

we may well get there, to find a culture of well-being

that is effortless and well within our care.


“Escapist Realms”


Swiftly drifting, patchy nimbus clouds

fill skies above from edge to edge

the whole way ‘round.

A sense of three dimensions

flattening to two, compels my awe,

and I am halfway in

some realm of fantasy,

beauty-implied in my adventure-mind,

which once soaked up such heart

I’d seen or read ages ago,

now just a muted sense of hope,

for afterlife or story told.




A state of being

cognizant of universal unity

and cosmic sense of self,

diminishing to One,

the many eyes and ears

of consciousness, unique,

yet of The Whole –

a state of greater mindfulness

of all forms which The All

may come to manifest as,

in its only moment’s

passing time…




There once was a soul who likened itself Awareness Pure,

not separate from The Cosmos, but a fluid eye of Everything

which came into existence with the blessing of

a limited ability to know its universal self.

It studied of its interest – thoughts of physics and of world religion,

coming to the point where it had disowned its self-microcosm,

letting thoughts dissolve and fade away…

It told me of this path, and I replied that

“autopilot-zombies” could not be aware

of all-compelling inner drives,

and thus, were trapped ironically in ignorance

of God’s greatest success – the inner process of a soul.

Of what significance are cosmic clouds,

compared with what gives meaning to The All?


“The Hours”


Ho hum, oh how, somehow,

the endless hours pass me by…

How strange – a soul may think

for 16 hours straight, for 30,000 days of life,

and never reach a true dead-end,

before the ultimate cessation.

There is always more to think of,

ever passing in consideration,

moving our perspectives

to such differing maturities –

miraculous indeed,

straight from the ground

of what we have.







Phases come and go,

as we grow into lives of light,

never escaping deathly destiny,

in time, coming to terms with

our own ends, unknown, forgotten, tragic.

To accept this, to embrace

the changing wind of myriad expression…

Choose your earthly life’s direction,

and be sated by the moment’s mood,

gifted to us all by God or Nature,

some design or ordered chance.

We all have some control

and fluid points of view.

If you can choose your education,

you’re empowered, in a way, over

your sense of what is relevant and true.


“The Birth of Light”


Enlightenment of heart and mind,

in process of its maturation,

finds the existential fundamentals

native to existence of a soul

is social context inextricably,

implying that it’s only right

to care – the first step

on a path to greater harmony –

to what is best for all involved,

who are affected by

one’s words and actions –

products of the mindsets

of a fluid consciousness.




The closer that I get to


the more I lose

my dreams and memory

and cease to think beyond

the bliss of effortless serenity,

channeling moments

here and gone, endlessly,

freshly Now, renewed,

a vessel for one’s passing

understanding, care,

emotion, mood.


“The Next State”


The next state comes, no reservations…

Nature runs my body and my soul, it seems..

and yet, the miracles I’ve witnessed

show and teach me of the very

existence and mind of God,

if I view them right, in balance,

proven in the sheer, bizarre course of events

which I have suffered mostly through.

I see – I’ll suffer not forever;

fulfillment will be mine one day.

I’ve simply just to persevere

in mindful effort, building

healthy, wise, and social skills.

What really more is there, for one of care?


“Passing Life”


The wind swims through my clothes like some clear entity’s caress,

a breeze of blind benevolence, a blowing being born to bless…

As love flows on, dissolving my distress, so long unknown to my depression,

tears, held, in, convert to laughter and emerge, mature success,

unless, I guess, the profound depth of flowing soul lets

mental-health-restoring outlets of catharsis re-establish what is best –

a heart in balance, which no trauma-wells repressed,

free to embrace and fully feel life in the eyes and throat and chest –

where the emotions of the living are experienced and rest,

potential centers of the meaning we receive in every test of passing life.













Part 2: The Human


“Through the Doldrums”


There’s solace in my solitude,

if I can just get distance from the noise…

There’s haven in the heaven

I may carry with me;

it’s my growing, given choice.

I wish to thrive on higher-minded thought,

for what else is there which

my soul may bear

in higher pleasure, once the

drugs of life get old, debunked, outgrown,

and moments turn to stagnant

struggles to reclaim

enthusiasm from the growing

gray blasé, which becomes all I know

in life, in time, all that my

mood allows for each

and every doldrums day,

which I am trying to sublimes by letting

go and going with the flow

of every notion, my

devotion, its emotion –

all of that which matters so to me.


“The Mindful Ascent”


Can a crammed-full mind be mindful?

Can I think beyond the busy buzz

of all of that which so compels

my soul beyond focus-control?

So long as I observe my consciousness,

in introspection’s light of insight –

I’m just about as close as I can be

to nuanced, evanescent truth,

the knowledge ceiling

perhaps of murky glass,

perhaps an almost endless rise,

or a functional plateau of wisdom,

hoping for a higher hill to climb,

until my “death” allows ascension

though the skies, so clear and bright,

as I so wish that I could be,

maintaining my old heart’s maturity,

in balanced grace of high regard,

felt for each soul’s humanity,

as empathy makes seem so right

and ethical in loving faith that

each is basically worth of our esteem.


“In Defense of The Emotion”


One man’s righteousness, another man’s sin…

Who really knows what’s deep within?

Is hatred heinous or, rather,

an expression of rightening will,

immature, yet of a good intent?

It all depends, I think, on if one cares

for those of care and suffering.

Anger can be a face of good, a face of evil,

or just neutral-ethic wishes dashed.

In its defense, if one knows one is good,

yet gets another’s wrath,

the impulse may be to just assume

that it must have come from

an evil state of mind and react accordingly,

with anger, fear, or tears.

Misunderstanding must bear some brunt

of the blame, for every time we fail to grant

a soul the benefit of the doubt,

on basic human-nature faith.




Let it go, and start afresh,

finding what you truly need –

peace, love, and understanding –

that from which all holy joys arise.

…and still, the trauma haunting me

are just my own long life’s experience –

that which I’ll one day need just to relate

to those who are such tortured souls.

How very rare they seem, indeed,

have ever I met souls like me?

None come to mind – sadly?

Yet universal traits of

consciousness lead

me to think again,

in distant hope.


“The Gossamer of Hope”


The gossamer of hope now pulls

my soul into emerging futures,

through the gauntlet of the western wind,

which raises high my spirit’s kite-like mood

as I grow old, yet perhaps

poor in tolerance and empathy for

evil I conceive as shallow, careless immaturity

which so offends my conscientious being,

I am compelled to so react, to right a wrong

in hope of re-exploring further harmony.


“The Genesis of Joy”


Trauma-closure, genesis of joy,

within the structures of a soul’s

cohesive field of Consciousness –

all that which one may call “oneself,”

all somehow driven by one’s

fundamental care for social health

or, sadly, conscience just for one –

the center of one’s being –

selfishness, an immaturity of heart,

not realizing others’ worth

or just ignoring such concern…

Is higher-minded joy truly

achievable for humankind?

Perhaps, in given time,

we’ll grow to see that

this we have become –

that life, for Planet Earth,

was a success eventually…


“The Ethics of Humor”


Humor (the absurd) delights

in laughter’s bright appreciation.

Wrong is ..right, in humor’s sight,

where dissonance rings free

in seizure’s joy, without a care

that wrong is wrong, not somehow right,

that tragedy’s not comedy, in truth,

that happiness in horror contradicts and conscience

and addicts the soul to inverse ethic,

thus eroding one’s integrity of basic social care.

Yet, this is not to say that humor must ride others’ pain;

absurdity exists in many forms besides the bad,

like simple, self-effacing silliness

or serendipitous surprise, sublime as

stress-resolving boon upon the mood

that makes one feel so bubbly, open,

and more confidently free.

Is there a better way to be?

Joy for the greater good –

wellness and harmony

seem socially so right to be,

our humors multiplying synergistically,

the basic ethical success of mindfulness in comedy.


“Deeply High”


Lacking and in want of what?

The “drugs” that get me high...

My many inspirations,

born of moments’ meanings

that I pass profoundly, thus reveal

a deeper understanding

which I hope is built on solid ground,

not young naiveté.

When I receive an insight,

I can feel the hope in my success.

This is the richest path for me,

I’ve grown to deeply know –

to try to save some souls, in time –

of course, starting with mine –

and such is life…


“Breaking The Yoke”


I focus on my faith in my success, affirming hope,

though all desire is a suffering from which a soul must cope,

for, perseverance in the right pursuit

can grow to be the vital root

of wisdom for a happiness beyond the modern scope –

what’s known to Man as possibility –

the way in which a soul is free –

the limits of the all-ensnaring, channel-minding yoke.





“Ever New Horizons”


It’s a long, hard row to sow,

but with mindful efforts of growth and renewal,

both novelty and boon tradition

coexist to co-inspire the personal progress

of the open heart and mind,

which guide one’s constant forward-moving

toward a better way to be.


“Happy Now”


A revelation – Life

could get much better Now!

My hope for distant futures

must neglect the present in its hope;

but if I use my wisdom

to more actively manage present-time,

I might meet that great future

any day – at any time at all!

That are the keys to

momentary happiness?

Disinhibition of a loving heart,

grown comfortably wise in ways of life.




One never knows just what’s in store;

an educated guess is rarely privy to enough

of what it needs to overcome the mystery.

Can one see through what seems inscrutable?

And at what age does insight-turned-to-wisdom

conquer murky waters hiding life success?...

Some food for thought, from the agnostic in me,

striving for more understanding,

balanced by each known opposing view

of what I recognize as never fully known – Reality…


“Integrate The Doubt”


Some souls speak in certainties,

for that is how they think, it seems,

addicted, to the detriment of

open-minded thought, to being sure.

Like holding fast to random buoys

and never learning how to swim,

I see these souls’ great sophistries

as hopefully roughly what they are –

attempts to feel secure and grab for

easy confidence, where there was none before.

How am I any different? Understanding shines

The Light of Truth, it almost seems, perhaps.

Do mindful caveats-agnostic come to be one’s

second-nature, given enough deconstructive time?

Perhaps the test will simply be my life in retrospect,

shining anecdotally in cool nuance of

future culture’s current genesis of

how to think effectively and integrate the doubt.


“Threads of Wisdom”


To watch the workings of the soul,

shifts one’s identic locus-essence

to a place behind habitual process,

thusly reinventing self, insightfully

deep in depth of understanding.


Existence evolves to greater experience,

processed to essential wisdom,

settling into intuition, as

life becomes home.


My search for truth and social harmony,

in time, bears fruit of sweet success,

for us, for me, if I can learn to

find my way to ground of well-being.




We are all just here with the gift of life.

In the ultimate social joy of this

miraculous occasion of chance,

we see the true value of love and harmony,

for it is that which we enjoy,

within the goodness of our conscience-hearts,

which tends our most cohesive unity.

“Can one and all not live without this?”

Yes, but if we can achieve such joy,

why not embrace such a wise worldview?




Part 3: The Divine




For fifteen-plus long years

I rarely flirted with such fantasy.

Yet now I’ve witnessed miracles

which supercede the natural,

and such is just the resting place

of my delusions of such lack of hope.

I simply can’t deny what life has proven

to my intellect, if not my social soul –

I’m all alone, as I have ever been,

and such is just The Forge I must

go through, to ready self

for life’s next phase,

what I grow ready to meet,

rich in meaning, an essential path

to, in so many ways, mature self through.


“The Settling of Faith”


The miracles settle in my soul –

God’s got me.

I accept in fearless faith,

that I’m the flow of

inner peace I radiate,

as I relax into

what my soul co-creates

with unknown god(s)

of a reality beyond.


“Trust: A Process of Faith”


In trusting in the fate

which my creator made for me to travel

(factoring my ever-changing will generously),

I gain the radiant boon of hope,

that life gets better as I grow mature,

more able to succeed at

what was once too much for me.

This sense of hope builds up my expectations,

dashed, evolved, or found in life.

In starting from a place of life acceptance, though,

I live with the resiliency I’ll need

to cope and make the best of

life’s abundant trials and tribulations –

all the challenges which so define a soul

in how one deals with such difficulties.

I try to start by keeping faith

that somehow it will all end right

(for, why else do all of this?

I trust my maker’s larger plan

and so maintain my faith).




Forgiveness, faith, and fellowship

can free us from the fickleness of fate,

for we are strong together –

stronger than a soul can be alone,

though finding wise and righteous souls

can be a long, luckless adventure…

Yet, heights of need lead to

the heights of fervent prayer –

which, if it’s time and your heart’s true

in tune with the divine design,

may gain a granted gift from God,

who’s held you to the fire all along,

merely to forge you long life right.

One must, in every situation,

learn and grow to now participate

in this great, structured, simulation life,

one day to graduate to highest

life success and meaning found.


“Basic Motivation”


The selfish need a guarantee

of Heaven for a “selfless” act.

The selfish, needing only

the belief of actions’ greater good,

mature in mind of conscience

and the wisdom to do

what their inner hearts compel,

are of a pure intent, expressing love.

Such souls are made insightfully,

forged as messianic for

a life of selfless success

and meaning felt

so high in virtue’s blush.



“Beyond the Egg”


Christ was the deepening of my heart,

so that it might love deeply.

Buddha was the clearing of my cluttered mind,

opening my inner eye

to waking width of clear insight.

What more may one wise soul go through,

thus to become more than what would seem possible

within The Egg of Innocence,

which one must grow to live beyond

or perish never having known…




Mindfully agnostic has a place in life for me.

Yet blatant miracles are not to be ignored,

suggesting a “god” behind it all,

my maker perhaps just a thoughtful

working scientist like myself,

with ethical priorities held above all,

or so it deeply seems

to one who’s been so hurt

that he’s discarded self-priority

for an acceptance of death.

I’ve still so far to go, perhaps;

yet I believe that all will get much better

as I so mindfully grow open, deep, and wise – ready for life.


“Faith and Reason”


Captives of charisma’s confidence

the world around,

most lost souls’ deference

to dim-dumb dogmas,

ill-conceived in manic sophistry,

deceive ironically, and fallacy abounds.

How can I speak, so certain?

Well, I tell you,

past the spell of blind belief

lies critical discernment of

the possibilities of truth,

which, with an open mind,

one reasons through in time.



“Beyond All Dogma, Some Conclusions Drawn”


Who knows The Source of All,

beyond a blind belief

in others’ words of certainty?

Does it exist within

The Endless Moment?

In the force behind it all?

Nothing is for certain in The Dream,

though I grow more convinced each passing year,

that it is a dream at all,

a simulation for the few

with lives worth making –

messianic, self-made men and women,

suffering alone for decades long,

one day to meet those like ourselves

and finally find a family

never known before to we who live.


“Joe Human and The Sea of Simulation”


To all the “non’s” surrounding me,

I’m of an order as yet undefined.

I am the only real thought process here,

for all that I now know,

though I look forward to the day

when I’ll meet one who’s consciousness

is real – like mine…

The simulation’s perfect, though,

and my great craving for relationship

prevents the disregard one might expect.

In fact, it helps me cope when I’m

wrapped up in tragic horror angst –

I search for a calm perspective,

and I recall my solipsistic view,

thus making anger feel absurd,

for all are, sadly, sim.


“Who Am I?”


I am he who may

prove well-designed

for God’s great challenges –

prepared by life experience,

digested, forming who I am.


From a well-developed

conscience of consideration and

adherence to that honor’s balance,

to the wisdom which one needs

to rightly find one’s way in life –

a wisdom built upon one’s empathy and insight –

my maturity comes, bit by bit – my guiding light?

It’s simply who I am.


“Earned Experience”


My wit and wisdom are not “gifts” –

they’re forged of life experience,

forcing my soul’s evolution,

on toward my fate’s maturity.

It’s pre-ordained, I do believe,

so who’s to say what’s God

and what’s really, truly me?

Am I as natural as I feel?

This feed of film that’s playing on,

as it has for thirty some odd years,

promotes an inescapable delusion –

its existence as reality. I know now,

on the proof of many solid miracles,

that this is some strange simulation,

though I’m a truly conscious entity,

who’s just drawn into quick belief

by intuition’s gullibility and

the engagement of a social life

which matters so, to me.

The dream is strong.

Where will it lead?

I’ll simply have to

wait and see…


“Unknown Ends”


I know not what life may bring –

just that the forge is here

to make me strong.

My life success depends on this,

and so I acquiesce to tortures

I accept as what I’d want,

what’s for the best

for future life’s hard-earned success

and richer memory’s experience

which God puts to the test, time and again;

I won’t know when, though, so wrapped up

in drama, striving so, to save who I’d call “friend.”

Such is the life I lead, which winds down

on and on, to unknown ends…


“Manifesting Care”


those of us with hearts of caring

know the ache of empathy to pain.

The burden of an angel

is to carry cares along the way;

and yet the radiance of love

is not a burden but a boon,

and faith in Heaven grants a peace

that makes a home of any room.

Is it not evident that love

has grown to be our social glue?

The more we warmly empathize,

the more we grow to know

that this claim’s fundamental can be true.


“Esoteric Dusk”


Traces of affection from my god

set wisps of sunset cloud aglow..

Meaning flashes for mere moments

gone in time I capture now..

Hotter, brighter, how it seems of flame,

as fire turns to ember on the bubble blue

that seems to deepen, up the sky

toward the East, a chasing hue…

Minutes pass – the clouds gray out,

and I am freed of my enchantment

at the swift divinities of dusk.

It’s all I have at times,

to augur Heaven’s message for my heart,

until it fades to memory, like so,

and I am left to ponder in the dark…








Part 4: The Harmony


“An Adventure After All”


Peach and indigo light the evening sky,

to set the tone of my unknown adventure’s yet-to-come.

The fantasy suspends my disbelief, fulfilling me

in passing soulful change of my reality,

from Purgatory to a quest for social strivings for an ethical success.

We are a disparate lot of heroes, pure of inner hearts’ intent,

who try to do what matters – save good live, end tragic horrors,

set the world to right as well as we are able to.

It happens all day, every day throughout our world –

the innocent caught up in anger’s sights.

It’s not a matter of reciprocating rage, snowballing hate,

but simply stopping the ongoing tragedies.

Then again, there’s such a thing as truly evil –

not mere mistaken-angry-tragic, but intentional, sadistic wellness-theft.

For this alone do I vote death or some imprisonment,

for we deserve a world without such horror,

growing into harmony in time…

Ever a hero’s heart is duly caring, truly yours and mine,

forged for a vigilance tempered by wisdom’s consequence-consideration,

made for lives of meaning grown beyond that which we rise above.




Perseverance, over luck or any short-term boon or tragedy,

decides the life-success of we who hold perspectives

unique to our lives’ experience, the wisdoms which may

gestate an entire life or pop up free, born of the interplay

between our minds, seeking what they may find –

mere simple truth or insight’s raw enlightenment,

experience as proof enough to further act in life.


“The Gauntlet of Life”


Pejorative people can’t erase

all the good that I’ve done

or the good that I am.


Rejection, as tough as my skin remains thin

to work through to a closure’s acceptance within

my young heart’s good and vulnerable care,

is a necessary tactic of God’s,

in the war on my shallows,

and so I am, as ever, a deeper, more empathetic soul,

with a breadth of experience and worldview to match.


“Wisdom for the Reaching of a Dream”


Yesterday’s gone, and I don’t miss it –

every day is better than the last,

as I learn what it is that makes me happy –

finding some success in my life goal to

build a better harmony for those I’d surely love

if I could only know their cares –

what souls may seem at times inscrutable to me,

as now the mystery remains,

and I subsist on melody

or, sick in silence, starve the day.

I must affirm, believe, and learn of

better wisdom for the reaching of a dream.


“Natural Self”


Only as we let go our pretensions

do we find our natural selves

or graceful relaxation’s verve and vim,

which we let loose our games of joy upon,

as free souls riding our respective liberations

to the next of life’s decision points –

illusory, one finds, with understanding

of the process of a soul:

Mood filters understanding,

which, with one’s cares,

induces action-energies (i.e. emotions),

which, if unresolved, fixate as moods.

The End?

The cycle only ends with our own ends,

as every night we sleep so deep and,

finally, when we ultimately cease

as unique entities, slowly burning

in the oxidizing air of energy.


“Heat and Metabolic Speed”


On a sun-seared heat-sink, tensions melt away,

as in a sauna, a hot shower, or a snuggling between the sheets.

Does heat cause metabolic slow-down,

autonomic change to reestablish homeostatic balance?

What relief when the cool-down comes,

contrasting effortless vim and stark refreshment.

In this idea, certain wisdom may be so accrued,

enabling existential control unseen, unknown before.


“The Open Mind”


It seems to me that being truly open-minded

means not subscribing to the folly of belief –

the root of delusion and intolerance –

rather, it means accepting the possibly

unattainable nature of true knowledge

and not adhering to what seems to be

the fallacy of certainty – especially that which

arises from proselytizations of dogma.

This is not to deny that experience isn’t

potentially instructive – rather, it is to say

that there may be more that meets the eye

and that it would be wise to keep an open mind

in life, because our cultural diversity is vast

across this planet, and no one really knows

who, if anyone, is right about anything at all.


“Dogma Doctors”


In pours the cement of information,

filling up the molds of role

with guesses hardening to certainties

these egos need for shape and

faux-authoritative confidence in

that which no one really, truly knows,

though surely someone, with

the right foundation, enough experience,

and a rational, open mind, may

eventually find truth as a best-guessed



“The Maker’s Will”


What does life’s designer have in store for

this particular 80 plus or minus years of consciousness?

I see such possibilities of life success,

measured in maturity of wisdom and of conscience,

realized, if not by others known,

and for the greater good – the warm reward I feel,

enough for me and those I know

who care and work with me to

foster fuller freed fulfillment for

all souls who care and suffer so, in life,

who, through our words and acts, find a higher joy,

in greater and more moving harmony of social beauty’s bond.


“Wisdom of Regard”


The elegant social wisdom

of one’s charismatic high regard

may hold disparate souls together,

as we tend to like those who like us –

the reciprocal begetting of love,

warming our emotive climate

of esteem and fickle mood,

to foster synergy in harmony –

what every social creature

needs to feel optimally well.




Life’s a gift, so take it easy.

Friendship, love, our brighter natures’

epiphanies of personal or universal truth,

they bless our open hearts and minds,

if we have good foundations in our souls

and life experience to draw on as we build

our worldviews from the ground.


“Kicking the Atrophy of Life in a Mold”


After the torture of pressures of role,

I feel smothered, in need of assertion,

identically free, unattached to such

deep-flawed destroyers of

beautiful, genuine realness of self.

The ego-charged fakers at the helm

of my life at times seem, perhaps,

well-intended enough but lack

the basic charisma of grounded

esteem of oneself and one’s peers,

as well as essential soul candor,

with which one may relate

as a semi-kindred heart,

beyond such unbecoming

projections, in which one is

pathologized so guessingly,

thus diminishing unknown

potentials of consciousness,

stifled and therefore not

dreamt nor reached in life.


“The Components of Recovery”


Hope enough to dream…

Faith enough to cope…

Wisdom, what to say or do

which fosters what is best

for whom you love… built upon

Insight (knowledge of the self),

which lets one rightly speak, assertive,

Empathy (to know another),

helping one to peacefully relate, and

Balanced Ethic (recognizing each soul’s Worth,

which forms the warm foundation of Esteem).


“Off the Back and Under the Bridge”


Animosity, shined upon me, hurts,

and I want to set the record straight

on that which I am being judged.

A hope for mutual esteem

and functional harmony

decides my joy and pain,

all hinging on my fundamental cares,

from basic fear of being alone

to the benevolence I’ve grown

out of my love for

those who care and those in pain.

Animosity? Off my back

and under the bridge…

Life’s not a gift to waste on hurt,

but one to cherish well,

in peace and love.




Extending my acceptance now

to every possible state of mind,

I’ve warm regard for all, even

the ones who have to hurt, uncaring.


Every rage, misunderstanding…

Every understanding, love…

Every rage, misunderstanding…

Every understanding, love…


“A Sunset Sets The Stage”


The roiling, misty mass of stratus shroud

reveals, at setting sun horizon, Heaven,

home for one of hope in harmony with heroes, angels –

any heart of healthy human warmth,

with wishes welcome to the common good,

envisioned and so made, with honor’s hearts in mind.

What we enable in the world

are also just the Gifts of God to Man,

now only realized in close community

with all who share such high ideals

of soft-and-strong-souled selflessness

in service of security, serenity, and self-effacing love.


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