Section 4: Finding Ground



For all of the innocents “caught” and “corrected”

by cynically confident, condescending curses

of children, civilians, and criminals with consciences –

all of creation who can’t help but to care at their core




This life is a great and challenging gift;

I would not have it any other way,

now that I’m starting to succeed

through understanding and the graceful

wisdom which it earns my life.

I wonder what’s in store for me,

both good and bad.

Perhaps I’m learning now

to cope with more and more,

by simply staying somehow

calm, accepting, socially mature

enough to get along or just get by.

I must just go along, in love,

to see and be the antidote

to poisoned life perspective,

which had coursed through my

awareness for so many painful years.

Now I don’t long wish for the irrevocable end,

but see that I may get through any suffering,

a stronger man, a more experienced being,

and a wiser, more insightful soul,

who loves, whose love endures…


“Unexpected Hope”


It gives me hope

to meet a kindred soul,

as if, like finding other Earths,

from nothing, life is likely teeming,

all throughout the Universe,

and my friend is the evidence;

I’m grateful to the force behind

the revelation of this synergy,

for my new faith in life’s divine design,

as something ultimately beautiful

if given grace and time.


“The Plausibility of Sim”


Beings, races, billions of years older than our own,

seem irresistibly, inarguably likely,

given the sheer, apparent vastness of space and time.

It is my assumption that advanced

psychological, physiological, and philosophical

knowledge would meet perfections of aesthetic

and the storied wisdom of just what life story

might be meaningfully best. So here I am,

plausibly in a simulation, of an order of being

which remains, to me, a mystery, whose secrets

I unravel in this life of wisdom earned,

through suffering and introspection’s light.

And so it is that I’m aware of this life as divinely

worthy of creation, mature and widely, deeply

well-experienced, with perhaps plenty more to come.

Meaning rides on, deep in my existence-moment,

ever an expression of mysterious makers’ wisdom –

perhaps just computers anymore and we sim’s

who contemplate, for, when there’s This,

it’s somehow tragic that there’d be

regular, organic, natural consciousness,

more limited and swiftly mortal, maybe –

I don’t know… and I don’t see

why we would ever need to move beyond

The Sim., for we could see the real world someday,

through technologies unknown,

of syncopated brain-and-body,

if or whenever the moment was

appropriate for any soul’s new growth,

from curiosity to conception, and to birth and growth again,

until one reached his or her or its

natural closure’s perhaps quasi-end.


“C.G. Cloud and Sky”


I happen to look up to find a scene of Heaven’s splendor

in the C.G. cloud-and-sky display, prepared for me to see.

I wonder – why does God not let me soak in pleasure?

It is my hunch that pleasure would get normalized and turn blasé,

as my habituation shallowed out what would become

a petulant, expecting soul. Besides, what would I deserve otherwise?

And what a story this will turn out finally to be.

To think – my memory will be rich in adventure

and catastrophe survived. My wisdom’s coming online, as well,

with tolerance and empathy which rises past polarity,

informing my decision-intuition to allow for the facilitation

of The Greater Good. And this I earn; I slow my soul

and let its judgments fade as new and better empathies

emerge from life’s most likely possibilities.

It’s in these thoughtful, quiet times, we reinvent ourselves, I feel –

our first occurring thoughts, and how we each relate to unique life.


“Healthy Conversation”


Warm, accepting, open (foundation mood) ~>

Conversation with active listening (curiosity & patience) ~>

Relating or tolerance/respect for differences (social efficacy) ~>

Varying degrees of empathetic accuracy (understanding & intimacy) ~>

Questions and expressions as people who “get” one another (to degrees)…


“Quiet Mind & Open Heart”


What is it which makes me happy?

Even we who care may sometimes forget that, above all, we are social creatures,

craving harmony with other souls above all other fleeting pleasures which life offers.

When one feels that he or she is in meaningful social harmony with others,

one’s mood is raised unlike any short-term fix, because

the sense that life is good and fulfilling sustains one’s positivity; and

when that ball gets rolling, getting along just feels natural and without effort –

the fulfillment of our primal tribal dream, which one may grow receptive for,

with a peaceful mind and an open heart.


“Oneness vs. Allegiance”


Realizing Oneness, which would unite one and all,

no matter how divided we may feel

and bear allegiance thusly to affirm our conflict,

opens up a door of empathy,

giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps,

forgiving even selfishness as immaturity,

all known perspectives taken into full account.

Yet I am Good! I wish an end of Evil,

simply for the sake of those it hurts.

This logic naturally compels emotion,

action riding on its heels…

Can I affect this world significantly

for the greater good,

or does God have other plans for this one life?



“Unified Diversity”


That which now exists is beyond any words of mine.

I point in the direction of a truth I can’t define.

Of myriad expression, we who populate the Universe,

all locked in separate, unique tragedies of solipsistic curse.

One may grow into what sublimes, though –

intimacy borne of empathy.


“Good Faith”


Every living soul is understandable, endearing consciousness,

I now believe, in all considered empathy and warm impression-sense.

I weather every storm of passion,

passing my initial tensions, coming to a deeper faith

in these misunderstood, neglected souls.

In letting go of my dark empathy,

I find the secret wisdom

borne of a brighter take on

others’ hearts of core humanity.


“Worth and Worthlessness”


“Every being’s mindset carries its own basic worth,”

I said, those words echoing hollow

every time I witness apathy within a soul.

At times like these, I feel my righteous judgment rise

to denounce or to destroy the worthless,

as I’ve judged in my best guess of empathy.

One knows the character of Bully, Sado-Narcissist,

and, in defense of victims all throughout The Universe,

one wishes end to every evil known to be,

for, from them, only evils flow, for all the rest of us,

we souls of worth who, in life, suffer for our care

and don’t deserve some dim soul’s dumping

on the hearts we wish to bare.


“Angel Heart Arises”


Angel heart arises from the dust

where it is born,

upon which it is borne throughout

an inconceivable amount of time.

Just 80 revolutions

counts 450,000 hours,

numbers seeming simply right to me

for this life, in this world

which I rely on so, for sense of home

and all my ever-changing bonds.

What quests await a life that’s growing

broadly wise and deeply caring,

able to resolve our conflicts’ tragedies,

in all due course of time.
Perhaps that’s what this eighty’s for.

I keep my expectations low enough

for life acceptance, of all things, to grow,

and highs will be surprising harmony.


“The Soul of Harmony”


Here is one, accepting of the moments as they pass,

engaging life in simple grace and in a righteous, love.

Whatever one may do expresses foundations of spirit’s essence,

unbeknownst to all, a blessed soul of destinies hard-fought and -won.

A wise old soul who’s persevered through all frustration-failure, knows –

it’s not what you create, but who you are inside which matters so.

In this old simulation, though, how you deal with life is all-important,

and maturity may come as one grows past short-term reward,

instead so focused on social success and good souls’ happiness

that from one’s caring springs the soul of harmony.


“The Attainable Light”


Is it so rare, the soul who gives so many years of suffering

for the simple sake of benevolent harmony?

This tragic tunnel has an end, I must believe,

and near the end begins the process of success,

which ever I grow ready for, a work in progress,

more and more actualized in evolution of a wise maturity,

as moments pass so endlessly in given time.

From the foundation, I have built

a worthy soul, home for my heart’s integrity,

and hope springs fresh as I awaken to a life

I’ve never known, from fields of possibility,

emerging as the context I am confident within,

as a catalyst for greater good for conscious souls.

One only gets one long life’s shot at making things all

somehow better for all souls within the wisdom of one’s care,

and that’s an opportunity not to so selfishly just waste,

responsibility which it is only ethical to bear.



“Challenges in Perspective”


Another day, another set of challenges, accomplishments, and dreams…

I’m learning finally to succeed with every passing day and

meet this life on God’s often ironic and traumatic terms.

It’s all enrichment of experience,

fodder for my growth, for I can see –

I simply grace through each temptation

and so grow so wisely well inside my soul,

now better able to be how I wish to be –

a peaceful, loving, and insightful soul,

grown ready for more social harmony

than one might think, in judging me.


“Serious vs. Carefree”


Serious, so torturously diligent

and therefore high in worth,

which springs from pain and care –

compares so favorably to

carefree, which, while it may

create some shallow joy,

ultimately knows not how to

empathize with care,

with those in pain,

and so be useful

to the healthy closure

of a psychic wound.


“The Key to Peace of Mind”


The key to existential peace is

an acceptance of the past, present, and future.

One accepts the mistakes which have been made

as unchangeable and potentially enriching.

One accepts one’s situation

as the vehicle of all manner of freedoms.

One accepts the nebulous future

for the existential riches hidden there

for one to ultimately uncover, to discover,

as it is in one’s unique potential

to foster or to find.





“Forever Skewed?”


Moments, seconds, minutes, hours,

days, weeks, months, years…

Slowly, how they pass me by,

to the end of this abundant life…

before the moment, never known,

until the instant they are shown

to our interpretive-foundation-moods

whose biases are rarely ever seen

and known as what they are

and where they come from –

formative experience, repeating

and confirming what evaporates

in mindful recognition of

its curse upon our lives.


“How’m I Doing?”


Closing in on life success and getting close enough

to less than guess, but more to see and know.

Somehow I’ll find my ever-deeper diamonds,

beauty-wisdom which I try so to express in writing, yes,

and conversation. So… How’m I doing?

Well enough to tell you with a smile that

I am growing grateful for this journey’s long and trying miles.

My full acceptance never ran so deep, from the moment I awaken

‘til the moment that I sleep. You’d have to fill my world

with evil if you wanted me to shake or weep. So how’m I doing?

Ever moving on and on and going with the flow,

discarding judgments dark, in favor of the healthy glow

of one who doesn’t see so polar-stark, but can appreciate

all shades and shapes of soul we cannot help but bare and show,

throughout all time gifted to us, that we may, through it, grow on up into the light…


“Optimum Catharsis”


In catching up to now,

I dissipate the energy

behind so many states of mind

and work through the emotions

(and the notions held within)…

What’s left is an awareness

and a deep tranquility,

which crafts an effortless success

and walks in sight of a serene beauty.

The foundations of simple wellness

thus are born to souls,

who pass them on by simply being

of this lightness-of-the-spirit

and bright, enlightened locus-of-existence,

shining of its wisdom earned.


“The Ground”


I withdraw for a while from the world,

to let my every want fade into center Zen,

so I can feel well in most any situation,

sublimed by an acceptance’s ability to cope,

and right the soul to more ideal state of mind.

A casual disinhibition, healthy in its conscience

and open friendliness to all who are receptive,

seems the path to the fulfillment of a grounded

heart so seeking to relate with anyone.




We work within the limits

we explore in search of freedom,

known to some limited degree

within the channel of the mind.

In mindful opening of soul’s-potential-known,

expanding sense-of-possibility,

though grounded, to have grown,

a heart may better find success,

as understanding, care, and confidence

enable happiness in harmony

and subtle sense of home within.


“True Freedom”


Acceptance of the limits of a life in moments’ situation

opens up my window of aesthetic wonder at creation,

charging up a spirit gasping for significance and meaning,

with the energy of positive regard and basic hope.

In strength of optimistic faith and mature resiliency,

ready to cope and make the best of all event,

gradually learning what it is to truly thrive

through any challenge, galvanizing confidence and

focus for success, ready for when that number’s

called to play the game of life, of inescapable importance at its ethic’s core.


“Inner World”


A taste of freedom –

all I get, for now –

leaves its residual bliss,

and I feel I must faint again,

to reclaim my escape into

a world of only dreams.

…and how I laugh and laugh at life,

the brighter gateway open, seen…


“Nascent Thought”


Interrupting any empty moment

with emergent thought,

so written and so guided

by the purpose of discovered wisdom,

I immerse in the unprecedented-new

of a now-precedented truth in point of view,

ever to be free and somehow so freeing to behold

and understand as I intended it,

as God intended me to know and grow, I’ve faith to see.


“Thoughts of Potential”


So many chambers in the mansion of the mind,

accessed by mere reference or my natural identic flow...

Such a range, once opened, Genius flowing, blesses –

yes, and you can have it too.

Stand up, draw in the deepest breath you can,

and grab your arms behind your back…

When you feel faint, sit down;

enjoy the mood-rebooting

shift in thought’s perspective,

and the inner revolution one cannot unchange.


“The Win”


The deeper you go, the better it gets;

the more you lax out of your life,

the more meaningfully each phase

of fresh mood begets, begets, begets…

Bracing up for dear life and then

laughing in height of its vim,

I come now to know the resiliency

I’d never guessed that I had,

in potential that I could embrace,

through the conquering forces of life,

which I weather, emerging from,

now more mature and in high of the win.




She calls me Lightbringer, Sage of the Ages,

for The Light is my soul, and its radiance is

simple, wise expression, for I’ve learned

to peer through Heaven’s fog,

to find the Truth obscured within.

As a matter of sheer pragmatism, one’s worth is Revolution.

As a matter of the heart, worth is bound to Revelation.

As a soul, my moral worth, built high to an

esteem’s responsibility, upon my suffering and care,

is great, I feel, not unlike God’s other creations

which live in this and other worlds beyond.

Such is the effort of my maker(s),

and my gratitude, it comes from faith

in longview’s greater good,

forgiving all of this life’s pain,

for ultimate ironies of tragedy help fuel and temper

deepest righteousness and wisdom’s grace.

So what’s in store? I do not know.

Yet my hunch is that it only gets worse,

‘til I can deal with anything at all.

Yes, through it all, I’ve come up richer in my soul

than I once was, with tales to tell and

the memory to relate with many pains.

Perhaps my god will torture me forever,

‘til I’ve somehow mastered pain and suffering

and have evolved mature respect for all who live.


“Messianic Phoenix and The Higher Elements of Consciousness”


I’m in it for the long haul,

ever faithful of the greater-goal-fulfilled,

as was designed by God and built

as growth for consciousness

to suffer and find meaning through.

…and from the ashes ever rises Messianic Phoenix Spirit,

ever more evolved than what minds were before,

and more resilient every time –

more deeply caring, widely lived,

and purely living in The Higher Elements of Consciousness.

“A Vein of Gold in the Substrate”


“Pay Attention,” now intones a vague, new concept of my Maker,

drawn from miracles or high coincidence,

which he or she or they or it show(s) to me so privately…

It seems I’m being introduced to a divinity of “Shh,”

for such seems so absurd to most whom I disclose existence to.

And so alone I feel, in ways, and yet, no, not, in others still.

I journey on in this unwavering illusion, hoping, coping, destined, free,

searching for a better way to be, in fervent, driven fantasy,

that I may rise above the rife dis-harmony-society,

and, in so doing, change the game

in which my soul is forced to live and see that

there is something more core than cement identity –

the deeper spark which lights the dark insanity,

thus bringing my unconscious soul process into

awareness’s healing simplicity,

its wealth of health of deepest rationality.


“Stable Stasis, Current Change”


Folks grow in the direction of potential and propensity,

like trees into nutrition’s light,

and drastic change would seem to be unlikely in extreme, contrastingly.

So I accept, for present happiness,

the nature of our universal being as diversity-resilient

and just how our world must be,

beyond my views of harmony as an essential for well-being.

Resiliency of higher mood

of love and jest, or peace and grace,

maintains the blessed state of personal success

which one may find to feel the best

among the possibilities of spirit-mood.


“Above the Fray”


Birth and growth of inspiration,

sinking into timelessness…

The novelties of passing moments

pique harmonic meaning,

felt as peace and love,

a blest, resonant Yes,

with which to rise above

the tragic fray of



“Faith in the Design”


Everything works out, in time,

for we of God’s design.

I’m building up to balanced

competence and confidence

in all the ways which come to matter

now and for the life that’s

yet to come in this moment of mine.

I simply wish to shine and be shined on.

Is that too much to hope for?

How I pine for peace of mind,

grounded in my love.

Perhaps mere courage and good insight

will, in time, sublime the suffering of my soul.


“Challenges and Growth”


I’ll get through whatever is

in store in life for me,

for, though I know not of

the sacred ground of possibility,

my faith in my creator’s often

challenging decree of destiny

passes in coping or distress,

hinging on my maturity – that which I grow

as I “grow up” to freedom in integrity.




What have I to say which I have not already said?

Is there a deeper, wiser truth beneath my worldview’s lulling bed?

Am I forever caught between two selves, or am I destined one to shelve?

I wish for caring pleasure to be where this life has led.

It seems a likely possibility, in confident humility,

to grant my hard life purpose – good from all I’ve bled and shed

for good in life for self, for all who care in this great Cosmos

anywhere at all – what’s best for all of worthy heart,

if not a wiser head. I wish to bless…


“The Point”


This is my world, consistent, logical, divine…

and yet my God is such a mystery,

despite the miracles it shines…

So what’s the point?

Merely to add a splash of meaning to the All?

Why anoint we souls who somehow

may transcend The Eden Fall?

To create some hard-won triumph

of the tortured, caring, worthy –

we who hear The Call of God to Save Mankind?




Opportunity arises,

and I make the best of it,

my every life-success,

a springboard to the next

challenge or test.

The urge to bless,

rooted in the suffering

which primes my deeper empathy

and fundamental care for

those who live in pain,

a wish for balance and what’s fair

for every life bestowed with

enough brain for consciousness

and therefore ethical significance,

perhaps the only mattering matter in the All.




Image-stream, are you my intuition or my empathy?

The ground of superstition or my sense of possibility?

I see how these may all be true,

as thought builds of my point of view

and instantly is crystallized

in fed fluidity, ever anew.

And if I focus on the meaningful,

the beautiful, the novel, the profound,

more of such arises from the fertile, giving ground

of my belief or that which I suspend to see such visions,

nascently but brief and sensical

to so behold and, thinking, re-create,

never the same way twice.


“Degrees of Freedom”


In every situation in which I may find myself,

I see that there are so many ways

through which I may be myself.

Despite the trappings of life’s limitations,

freedom is a feeling of such possibility

which one may break out to embrace,

in playfulness, being as free as

one can think to see and be.

What do I want from life?

Mere heart’s profundity.

In an exploratory mood

I walk my world…


“Sun and Shadow”


Sunlight filters through the murky clouds

in high contrast of light and shadow.

Skybreak and its veil trade off,

and I am blest by inspiration

interchanging with reprieve

from summer’s heat,

as clouds pass by between the furnace

and the surface of the life it meets.

Through this, I come to see how

I may harmonize with what’s beyond control,

thereby boosting universal wellness,

one soul at a time, starting with mine,

traversing my life’s ripples on

the waters of the world,

to teach so many lives

whom I may never know and

those with whom my life-vine grows –

my kindred spirits merely needing

but a lift into the light

of God’s great radiance of love.


“The Drought’s Reprieve”


A playful, cooling breeze flows

like the sympathy of nature’s kiss-caress.

After a day of searing, muggy misery,

we souls are locked now safe indoors

where nature’s reign became a siege…

And now the drought turns to relief,

the dearth a flourish of abundant blessing.

How I love the love in summer breeze,

rippling my worn old clothes

and tousling my unkempt hair,

now coaxing just a simple smile from me,

not false, polite, but simply because

I am finally, if so briefly, naturally… happy.


“It’s That Nice”


Warm yet windy,

skies filled up with cotton-candy-clouds,

I feel the urge to fall in crushing love again,

for it would be the perfect day

to build a life on beauty-hope.

And yet I won’t – I know I won’t.

I’d rather dream, lost somehow in my comfort’s fear.

Besides, we know so little about one another,

who’s to know just who

one may be kindred with, as spirits go?

Still, what a beautiful afternoon…


“Natural Equanimity”


In the cooling breeze of a summer’s day,

beneath the shade of a honey locust tree,

I feel the simple Godly blessing –

sun and shade, with calm and gale,

so balanced, effortless and destined-free,

in life’s escape of heaven for the soul,

wherein appreciation slowly buoys my mood

to a natural, I-am-home-now high

which I now try to carry into

my next phase of passing life –

what stays ever unknown to

we who aren’t divine and

therefore aren’t privy to the

Great God Gaia’s grand design

for our long lives of spiritual growth.


“Transition to Fall”


The rain has cooled

the sun-seared surface,

so rare in our long, historic drought,

I cannot help but think that

Autumn’s here, in deathly depth

of Winter’s harbinger of

chilly gusts of reminiscent air.

And so I grieve what years I’ve lost

to passing time

and look ahead so blindly,

learning to identify the subtly telling blurs

of that which has not yet converged

as the only ever-changing Now I’ll ever know.


“The Locust Tree”


How complex, the locust tree,

its many branches, little leaves,

so vaguely now suggesting

what becomes my thought –

how vastly more complex, the brain,

and how of course it makes the mind,

in structured flow of electricity,

too abundant to approach

an understanding of its vast entirety.


“Summer’s End”


Summer’s end – the locust leaves

detach upon the breeze.

Life will take its leave

of them in Autumn’s time.

The movement swirls upon the ground

as they are hailing down and down

upon the earth which turns them into earth

as endless seasons change

from one into the next,

processing life naturally…

It skips my heart to think that

I am part of this,

a thread within the timeless weave

beyond dualities, in overarching unity

of all that is.


“The Divine Mystery”


Heaven over Eden,

passing moments in a fortune-blessing,

is not as it seems –

you see, as every stage of life progressing,

myriad of pains are guaranteed.

One hopes it all sublimes in wisdom earned,

for you and me, society,

and all that is to come;

but nothing is for certain

in The Divine Mystery

of all of This.


“The Dawn of Dusk”


The fire of the evening sky must slowly fade away,

to mark the end of yet another long and transitory day.

Are there not any half-alive like me,

who know how will tomorrow be?

So many simu-souls declare it will be

such and such a way…

Might one not look into this life’s design

and, in so doing, learn the mind

of his or her Creator,

for the longer view of time, and find

the truest words to, knowing nothing of the divine,


Perhaps attending to the rightness in the Now

is all which matters anyhow,

in this ephemeral illusion of a world in play…


“Closure of a Day”


Midnight, winding down –

I take some quiet time for me.

A creeping drowsiness fades in

as I fade out of my reality…

The light goes out, and

life flows out of me,

done for another day,

though there seem great works yet to make…

I’ll save them for another day

of some potential reached.

It keeps me confident

in what I’m here to do –

to shed my unique insight-light

on that which I more deeply

understand each passing day –

experience and implications

borne of that which I am channeled through in every way.

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  1. hollowman

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