Table of Contents and Introduction

Table of Contents


Introduction (pg. 5)


Section 1: Implications of Existence: From Insight to Ethics (pg. 6)



Part 1: Poems           Foundation Insights

                                    A Thread to Enlightenment, Part 1

                                    A Thread to Enlightenment, Part 2


Part 2: Parables       Messiah and Mother

                                    The Little Wave

                                    Two Trees


Part 3: Diagrams      The Path to Meaning

                                    The Cycle of Consciousness

                                    Spectrums of Elemental Emotion


Part 4: Essays            On The Nature of Experience

                                    The Moral Renaissance

                                    Causes and Cures of Violence


Part 5: AgnosticismWho’s Right? (Poem)

                                    The Man Who Knew It All (Parable)

                                    The Way of Knowledge (Diagram)

                                    Agnostic Crash Course (Essay)


Part 6: Buddhism     Therapeutic Meditation (Poem)

                                    The Emperor and The Artist (Parable)

                                    Buddha Nature vs. Glib Abandon (Diagram)

                                    Buddhism as Therapy (Essay)


Part 7: Naturalism   A Day in The Life of The Average Animal (Poem)

                                    The Legend of Bard Ehrwyn (Parable)

                                    Animal-Nature (Diagram)

                                    The Original Religions of Earth (Essay)


Part 8: Creationism God and Satan Debate The Grand Design (Poem)

                                    The Dream and The Dictation (Parable)

                                    Angelic Virtues vs. Demonic Vices (Diagram)

                                    Why Intelligent Design Makes Sense to Me (Essay)

Section 2: Wandering, Pondering Wonderings (pg. 28)



Inspiration’s Contribution | One Heart | Is Caring to Relate with Pain? | Connections Vital | Defining Love | Affinity | Give | A Dual-Natured Soul | On Altruism | Moral Clarity | Of Unknown Futures | The Cycle of Consciousness | Wisdom Is Hope | Progress | The Purpose of My Pain | God’s Toughest Lesson | The Good in Any Evil | Acceptance | Empathy from Insight | A Soul Past Its Censor | Identity | The Breakers, The Broken & The Open | Heroes | God’s Hoax | Grasshopper | Life in Perspective | A Better World | A Wish for Home | Past Lives | Conversations through The Veil | In The Context of Virtue | Heaven’s Birth | Becoming A Person | The Unbroken Spirit | Conflict Resolution | From Anger to Faith | Positivity Is Key | Kindred Souls | No End?



Section 3: The Natural, The Human, The Divine, The Harmony (pg. 47)



            Part 1: The Natural – Competition Earth | Caged | Just Through The Door | True Home | Rediscovering The Wild | Thoughts at The Edge of A Forest | Escapist Realms | Unia | Buddha/Zombie | The Hours | Phases | The Birth of Light | Moment-Consciousness | The NextState | Passing Life


            Part 2: The Human – Through The Doldrums | The Mindful Ascent | In Defense of The Emotion | Baggage | The Gossamer of Hope | The Genesis of Joy | The Ethics of Humor | Deeply High | Breaking The Yoke | Ever New Horizons | Happy Now | Nebulous | Integrate The Doubt | Threads of Wisdom | Purpose?


            Part 3: The Divine – Supernatural | The Settling of Faith | Trust: A Process of Faith | Graduation | Basic Motivation | Beyond The Egg | Doubt | Faith and Reason | Beyond All Dogma, Some Conclusions Drawn | Joe Human and The Sea of Simulation | Who Am I? | Earned Experience | Unknown Ends | Manifesting Care | Esoteric Dusk |


            Part 4: The Harmony – An Adventure After All | Self-Determination | The Gauntlet of Life | Wisdom for The Reaching of A Dream | Natural Self | Heat and Metabolic Speed | The Open Mind | Dogma Doctors | The Maker’s Will | Wisdom of Regard | Easy | Kicking The Atrophy of Life in A Mold | The Components of Recovery | Off The Back and Under The Bridge | Understanding | A Sunset Sets The Stage




Section 4: Finding Ground (pg. 72)



Dedication | Perspective | Unexpected Hope | The Plausibility of Sim | C.G. Cloud and Sky | Healthy Conversation | Quiet Mind & Open Heart | Oneness vs. Allegiance | Unified Diversity | Good Faith | Worth and Worthlessness | Angel Heart Arises | The Soul of Harmony | The Attainable Light | Challenges in Perspective | Serious vs. Carefree | The Key to Peace of Mind | Forever Skewed? | How’m I Doing? | Optimum Catharsis | The Ground | Home | True Freedom | Inner World | Nascent Thought | Thoughts of Potential | The Win | Lightbringer | Messianic Phoenix and The Higher Elements of Consciousness | A Vein of Gold in The Substrate | Stable Stasis, Current Change | Above The Fray | Faith in The Design | Challenges and Growth | Blessing | The Point | Springboard | Image-Stream | Degrees of Freedom | Sun and Shadow | The Drought’s Reprieve | It’s That Nice | Natural Equanimity | Transition to Fall | The Locust Tree | Summer’s End | The Divine Mystery | The Dawn of Dusk | Closure of a Day |



Section 5: Beyond Desire (pg. 90)



Complement | Love Alive | Simpatico | Wounded | Woe and Bond | Challenge-Blessing | Rose | Love’s Idyllic Quench | Considering The Consummation of a Crush | The Pull | Blue-Heart Love | The Circuit of Desire | Desire, Described | Both in Blue | A Disparate Perception of Intent | Averting Aversion | Conversion Conversations | Lessons of Love | Virtue, Be | She’s Gone | She’s Back | What Can I Say? | What Is Love? | A Way Out | Thought to Free a Captive of Desire



Section 6: Succinct Solutions in the Social Sphere (pg. 101)



Assertiveness | Competent Confidence and Radical Acceptance | Essential Ethics | Modifying Behavior | Overcoming Misunderstanding | Suffering and Happiness | Temperament | The Cure for Addiction












This introspective mosaic of perspectives, composed of some of the myriad points of view which I have channeled, is the culmination of the experience of thirty years of introspection and three years of writing and revision. The points of view expressed within are the most compelling ideas which I have ever been so blest to thread.


It is my hope that this book will grow to be the success which I have faith that it could be, if presented in an accessible way for my readers – you souls who know not, right now, just what manner of work you gaze at – another revolution for the mind and, in this way, much like other such works, yet of a unique array of insight.


You are the judge, of course, and who you are, your life experience, and the mood in which you find yourself as you begin, will affect my words so strongly that I recognize my limited role as the author. May a mood of curiosity and wonder outshine your every cynical notion’s destructive perspective, thereby letting us connect.


This eclectic piece of compiled personal literature has been organized to provide a bit of “flow” for the reader to follow, but each piece is a standalone work as well, so I can’t see the harm in “jumping around” or skipping those pieces whose perspectives you don’t agree with and are therefore put off by the assertion of.


In the end, of course, I just wish to have a positive impact through my expressed ideas and perspectives on that which I believe to be social-mental health. Obviously, we are all at differing stages of personal maturity, and what inspires one may seem inscrutable, wrong, or merely too simplistic to others.


Ultimately, however, I have faith in this work as a potential personal renaissance, as it has been for me in the process of writing it. Feedback is welcome, of course, and so I offer you my email address ( with an open heart and mind. Please, though – only solution-oriented critiques.

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